4th March 2021



Its almost Easter and the shops are full of delicious chocolate, so many varieties, so many temptations.

Have you thought about, rather than giving your loved one ‘tons’ of chocolate, how about a taster of chocolate, but a furry friend as well. for the rest of March, if you but a bear (or Rabbit, or Duck, or Lamb, or any creature really!) I will also enclose a sheet of spring yellow tissue paper, so that you can add an Easter Egg and make the gift even more special.

What’s not to love, Chocolate AND and new furry friend, it doesn’t get any better….unless of course it was wine!….oh, now, how can I incorporate that into a sales pitch!




Just a couple of ideas for you!!




Our mascot, Edwin, would like to wish you well over the coming Easter period , stay safe, stay well, be happy!!


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