Why not add shoes to complete your new furry friend’s outfit? Bring out your creative side by adding a plain t-shirt and fabric pens to create a personalised top. Voiceboxes will give your bear or animal a voice. Or add an Aromabearapy scent chip to make your new friend smell delicious.

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Buy 12 kits 8" size and receive one free outfit with our order.

  • Aromabearapy

    Aromabearapy (5)

    Add a scent to your new cuddly friend and he or she will smell just gorgeous!

  • Fabric Pens

    Fabric Pens (1)

    Set of fabric markers. Bright colours. After decorating, iron on back to set the colour by an adult.

  • Sleeping Bags

    Sleeping Bags (1)

    Cosy sleeping bags for your bear or animal.

  • Sound Modules

    Sound Modules (2)

    Sound modules will give your bear or animal a voice. Choose from a range of pre-recorded sounds or create your own personalised message with our recordable sound module.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Gift Vouchers (4)

    Give a Huggy Bears gift voucher - the perfect gift.